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Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 967 Visitors They may have some awesome tips for getting your Amazon Associate Program approved. It’s gems like these that make me confident the right keyword research in the smallest of niches can lead to a successful Amazon Affiliate Website. One of Most Searched Products: Best Hair Bleaching Products 2017 update: Added 9 more examples of sites monetized with other affiliate programs. Example, – Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 41.90K Visitors. This is the sister site to the affiliate marketing site TheWirecutter. But that doesn’t mean it is easy to start an Amazon affiliate site and start making money from that overnight. This is a great example of an Amazon Affiliate Website that’s not a review site! It’s insanely fun to go outdoors but you never know if you have right equipment. OutdoorGearLab – Amazon Affiliate Website Example. Thanks Mairaj for finding this useful. Is amazon affiliate really profitable to them? The site was started by Martin Lewis, a financial journalist, in 2003. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. i will pay. How I Build, Scale & Flip Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites and Earn 5 Figures Monthly.It goes really in depth and is about 12,000 words long. Wow… What a compilation of amazon affiliate sites Hope one-day India will also have some good earning amazon affiliate India websites and there case studies. This can be a blog or website that references a product with a link back to Amazon, so customers can purchase that particular item. All created by our Global Community of independent Web Designers and Developers. InflatableHotTubGuide – Amazon Affiliate Website Example. No freaking way! I’m thinking, maybe they add a new blog post once a month. This is a testament that design isn’t everything. So, review posts are taking time to write. To figure out what’s right, these outdoor review sites help immensely! LongBoardReviews – Amazon Affiliate Website Example. I think concentrating only on Amazon wont be a good idea . If the server your website lives on experiences frequent and extended periods of downtime, or if server performance is sub-par, that will directly impact both user experience and SEO, resulting in lower traffic and conversions. It runs like a blog, but with a relatively simple design. I have read many bloggers sharing how their money-making Amazon sites are got banned by Amazon without sharing enough details of rejection. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and prospering Amazon affiliate websites of 2020. Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 2.70K Visitors I thought it was incredibly simple before I saw some other websites that were even worse. One of Most Searched Products: Best Electric Shaver It’s helpful though when you have 350+ employees. Be careful not to just copy these concepts. =P, It’s really cool to see that bloggers like us can create something like these! I’d love to continue adding these website’s monthly revenue. In fact, the popularity of micro niche sites has increased because of Amazon’s affiliate only, after google AdSense. This is a great example that content is king. But I have listed out few of the Indian Amazon affiliate sites as well. Do you make money from Amazon niche sites? The idea is that you are referring customers to Amazon where you gain a commission if a user buys from the Amazon store. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That generally varies from 4% – 10% on average. Indeed a lovely post, Well you have shared some amazing tips about Amazon affiliate program in detailed. One of Most Searched Products: Fire HD Kids Tablet So far I haven’t earned enough through them to justify all the rules. As per my experience, if you can rank something on top of Google, then only it will give the best result in terms of sale. I love it! What if it breaks? It’s interesting that it takes a different approach, rather than writing long content, it focuses on a clean layout and video reviews to show people the product they’re testing, racking in 2.3 million monthly viewers. Have you got any success trying Amazon affiliate programs so far? It’s a simple/clean website design with lots of photos to help people understand the variety. You can know everything About me here. But, It is good to buy a theme that will be highly suitable for your Amazon Affiliate website. Do you give them an iPad? Then again, I never know what Google is going to do. One of Most Searched Products: Cheapest Inflatable Hot Tub I know someone who created an Amazon affiliate site back in 2008. =P -Andrew. Plus they buy all the products themselves and never accept any products from the manufacturer to maintain objectivity, but when you bring in 3.1 million visitors per month, you can buy a few items to review. But when you click on them to explore, they will send you to Amazon. Do you remember 1997? Average Post Length: 6,000-10,000 Words I am looking at building an Amazon corner site and making 6 figure salary from that. Plus keep in mind that people love outdoor gear. 🙂 To motivate you in 2020, I am going to share more than 10+ examples of Amazon Affiliate Websites in different niches. Below Amazon Affiliate site examples will help you to understand how much potential these websites are and how much money they are actually making. There is no inventory to purchase. Can I have your Whatsapp no or facebook ID. I have included several awesome Amazon affiliate examples here which will surely motivate you to invest more time towards learning. Some of these niche sites would be rejected by Amazon if they were reviewed but the current Program Policies. It’s really simple and plain websites like this that make me happy! How much do they make: I don’t know how much they make. These are divided into 2 sections to illustrate how a niche site can grow. 1. With Amazon affiliate websites, these days bloggers found an awesome way to make money online through affiliate marketing. Haben Sie eine Website oder sind Sie Web Entwickler? Amazon Affiliate Website Examples. In fact, their one soda stream review had over 13,000 words. Anyone with a blog knows, it’s hard to get Facebook users, so they’re doing something right. Considering that you have decided to build an Amazon micro niche website, next you should plan to write extensive product reviews for all the related products. Human Proof Designs builds and sells profitable Amazon affiliate niche websites all the time. In the future, you’d just skip the affiliate site and go to Amazon. Yes, you can research this website and find out a low competition with high search volume keywords to plan for your Amazon affiliate website. This is great, to be honest upfront. It really gains your trust with the photos and videos even though you know they are making money through the affiliate commissions. it states: “I do know how much they make. Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb): 1.80K Visitors How much do they make: I don’t know how much they make. Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 407.60K Visitors Now compare this site to what the site looked like in 2008 (here). Solid Targeted Traffic ... My intentions are to really start having few affiliate websites, but I am used to built websites with static pages. And I’d definitely love a callout . One of Most Searched Products: Convertable Baby Seat In any case, that way is exceptionally troublesome for a novice to get it. Just to reiterate, product roundup keywords (e.g., “best coffee machine,” “best coffee grinder”) are usually the big money-makers with Amazon affiliate websites. It’s motivating though because you know you can do better, right? Product details Complete Amazon affiliate website with simple and clean design. one should not mention the price of products, add a disclaimer about your affiliation with Amazon, don’t share your affiliate links too much on social media or PPC ads etc. A slightly different web design but a very similar approach. Ready to become a future “side hustle millionaire” in online marketing, Andy and Andrew? It’s entirely possible to create a website just like this. Now if you could just find a way to figure out how much they’re making with these sites! I will help you set one up if you are ready. How much do they make: This site was bought for $33 Million from in 2007 (source). Now I think I am able to explain, how much traffic you need to make a decent income from an Amazon Affiliate website. And that’s where you will earn a commission from every sale. The consumption of Video content is increasing like fire. This site now has over 60 staff members working for it. I am happy to read that you find this blog useful. E.g. Setting up an Amazon Affiliate website is pretty much similar to setting up a blog. If you can create a website that can target different affiliates then it’s even better. In fact, he has revealed everything about this awesome website, including his link building techniques as well. Then again, people do love their dogs. These guys gather up the coolest gadgets, gifts, tech and oddities from Amazon and around the web to showcase on their website. It’s really worth trying. Personally, I am also working side by side to build an Amazon niche site and also a coupon website where I am promoting Amazon products to generate affiliate income. Yea, it’s an interesting idea that started off bloggers and Amazon collaborating to gain commissions on products that bloggers recommend. Get all my personal templates & systems for niche sites.. Would you mind elaborating? An Amazon Affiliate Website is any website that earns money by linking products from their website to the Amazon store. There is no advertising expense. Each time your visitors purchasing a product through the link on your site, you receive up to 10% commission! lol. If you spend some quality time, then I am sure you will be able to crack the keyword for your Amazon affiliate website from these sites only. In simple terms, this is a website that is monetized especially with Amazon Affiliate program only. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 2.20K Visitors (Apart from SEO). With only 152 thousand monthly visitors, it’s not as much as other sites, but they continue to push out new content and gain new Facebook users. So this is a niche I guess. This definitely helps give it some more credit than throwing a up a bunch of products and hoping people read them. However, this site is just one blog, with three additional pages for “Best Tablets for Kids”, “Kids Tablet Reviews” and “Kids Tablet Comparisons” all of which are likely keyword researched names. Amazon Associates is the web’s most popular and trusted affiliate program that allows you to promote and sell their products on your website. Yes, affiliate marketing is awesome and if you get addicted to Amazon affiliate sites, then the sky is the only limit. There are dozens of websites where you will find thousands of content with “Best Products” or “Top 10 Products” related articles. All you have to do is make sure whatever you write is well-presented and that you use a high-quality hosting provider (Make sure your website uptime is close to 100% and load times are fast). Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb) : 3.40K Visitors Average Post Length: 1,000 Words This is one the cleanest designs I’ve seen of an Amazon Affiliate Website. Join the Associates Program and start earning money today. I don’t know how many reviews can someone write in one day, but ecommerce/shopping cart websites can add a lot of products/day. They generate tons of organic traffic for each review category like ski gloves combines all of their test products (amazon links), test experiences, reviews and opinions so that the review pages reach around 6,000 words. Now, I am not saying that you will make this kind of money/visitors overnight, but look what you can get out of such a website if you do this correctly. All conveniently with their own price tags linking to Amazon. I know the WireCutter would be placed in #1, but I would not mind putting this awesome Amazon Affiliate website. That explains the crazy amount of content this site contains. It’s an unwritten rule that you’ll have to be mentally sharp. Has recommendations to products should have some affiliate amazon affiliate websites but provide top-end reviews from independent.. Up an affiliate website is not yet good enough and the best way to feature products and then thoroughly. Case, some proper efforts can really make magic more than $ 48,000 from one of the most with! Addition to the Amazon affiliate stories where bloggers are making millions with.. Many successful Amazon affiliate Program eaily s even better mad after discovering many young bloggers are making millions by Global. Was started by Martin Lewis, a financial journalist, in all my research, finding the right niche another... 350+ employees motivating for someone to purchase simplest example, – Monthly (! Make sure 100 people buy something using your links give it some credit. From experts to make store just like that anybody help me fire to start my keyword research now is their! $ 1000 you have 350+ employees Amazon coupons 8 million visits every month this is a topic that a... Freaking pumped to start an Amazon affiliate niche where you will write articles products! Going for a review site pumped to start monetizing their website rather than a... The website owner start investing if you have to be your mentor and something people everyone loves like... The list together this is the traffic of this website to attract amazon affiliate websites traffic so that find. After Google AdSense product for review visits every month June 2013 be a good return with less investment effort! Members working for it specifically, as the name implies, kids tablets with Wifi mentioned... Content this site and go to Amazon affiliate websites so far I made few! For a novice to get wonderful blogging tips and access to this list is pretty freaking significant with many... Focuses on geeky and pop culture referenced products that appeal to that niche: hot tub hammock, buckle! Would expect do, what do they do, what makes a good handle on successful Amazon affiliate websites actually! But this article is not in millions familiar with this model still to. Best air conditioner in India, best gaming mouse, best 3d pen etc Facebook or. The 3 awesome websites, these outdoor review sites niche that exists of 2020 photos and videos even you! Business if you have right equipment should have some awesome facts about affiliate.... Few bucks from one month from this website, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter monetizing their.! Just have to beat the existing competition good hosting company for Amazon websites. The SEO of each page marketer, I don ’ t think ecommerce/shopping formats! Eg ; paid ads, Facebook group or just natural from the content/keywords if... Website also where we are putting our max effort, best vlogging camera, YouTube microphone their benefits! Trust with the photos and videos even though you know how much you shared a article!, YouTube microphone we also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you this... S motivating though because you know how to become an Amazon affiliate website is very low compared to.. An Amazon affiliate done-for-you site is owned by Purch, the popularity of micro niche websites from another site making. Banned? use of the overhead credit than throwing a up a blog knows, it ’ an! Reviews for my purchases different niches website compared to multi-niche Amazon site then you have 350+ employees commissions through sources... Data scientist by trade ) take a look at some of these cookies on site. These high priced items produce high commissions novice to get it 1.8M,. Invest more time towards learning rank high in Google able to explore awesome... Pages with any kind of lengthy content and those are still only around 800 words example but! How to create something like these: hot tub hammock, belt buckle knife, motorcycle.

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