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Do cats and dogs need a distemper vaccine? Allivet is a safe, certified, and trustworthy pharmacy. Your veterinarian will be able to outline the side effects associated with your cat’s vaccinations, and you can compare the prices of vaccinations from your veterinary clinic with the low prices at Allivet! This is a core vaccine that is generally required by law because of how serious this disease is. Speak with your veterinarian to determine the best medications and vaccines for your cat based on their age, history, and lifestyle. Some dogs may need a second distemper vaccine as puppies if maternal antibodies block the first one, but if a puppy is vaccinated after 12 to 16 weeks of age, he will most likely be protected, for life, with just one distemper vaccine. Our cat vaccine prices are guaranteed to be the lowest. Here's everything you need to know about the distemper vaccine and why it's important. Find dog vaccines for parvo, distemper, adenovirus, coronavirus, canine influenza, bordetella (kennel cough) and more! There can be no disputing that vaccines save lives but they also have the potential to cause serious side effects which will be discussed on this webpage.Before we get started on this discussion, it is important to understand that there is no single vaccine protocol t… Some years it is more contagious than others, and has varying survival rates. As early as 6 weeks, then every 3-4 weeks until 16 weeks of age. Manufacturer: Heska Feline Rhinotracheitis-Calici-Panleukopenia Vaccine. The FPV vaccine is considered a core vaccine for cats. The 3-1 vaccine (also known as the FVRCP vaccine) protects against three common and serious feline diseases caused by: Feline Rhinotracheitis virus Feline Calici virus Feline Distemper (Panleukopenia) Virus It is considered a core vaccine that is appropriate for every cat. (1), Chlamydia Some vaccines for cats, such as Solo-Jec Feline 3 or Focus Cat Vax 3, offer protection against panleukopenia, calicivirus, and rhinotracheitis. Let us know! It’s easily spread, but the good news is that there are several vaccines for preventing the disease, administered often in combination with other vaccines. Vaccines with extended DOI (e.g. Several available vaccines are indicated for preventing disease associated with FPV. Alibaba.com offers 720 distemper vaccine price products. The four core vaccines for cats are: Rabies. (1), Sheep Have a point of view to share? Jeffers Pet offers cat vaccines and cat shot supplies, including needles, syringes, and more for cat preventative health and wellness. Optimised safety profile with adjuvant-free protection for all components; Powerful immune response without adjuvant, thanks to its innovative canarypox technology for FeLV and rabies; This allows you to maintain your cat’s health and vaccination schedule. This vaccine is administered by injection under the skin (subcutaneous injection) or intranasally (via nose drops). Price match guaranteed. Safety and immunogenicity of this product have been demonstrated by vaccination and challenge tests in susceptible ferrets. Rarely, a cat may contract a disease from the vaccine or experience a side effect, such as fever or vomiting. PUREVAX Recombinant FeLV — canarypox-vectored recombinant vaccine is recommended for the vaccination of healthy cats 8 weeks of age and older as an aid in the prevention of disease due to feline leukemia virus. Select items on sale! For pets with a previous history of vaccine reactions, the potential risk of a future vaccine reaction should be weighed against the potential benefits of vaccination. FeLV: This vaccine protects against feline leukemia, which is the leading viral killer of cats. In 2018, a total of 1,300 doses of the vaccine, used for the treatment of canine distemper virus (CDV) in lions, were procured, out of which 1,100 had been utilized. TOP SELLER. – Two FVRCP [Distemper] vaccines for adults – One Rabies vaccine – Flea and other topical parasite treatment – De-worming – Fecal Test and treatment if necessary – Blood testing for Feline Aids/Feline Leukemia (FeLV/FIV) ADOPTION FEES KITTENS. The inoculation is easy to access and is one of the standard shots cats and kittens should receive. PUREVAX ® Ferret Distemper is a lyophilized vaccine of a recombinant canarypox vector expressing the HA and F glycoproteins of canine distemper virus. Annual Cat Package – $85. We are licensed through the USDA and the DATCP (License # 284729-DS For Madison) (License # 403317-DS For Beaver Dam) (License # 470190-DS For Waunakee). Excellent Vaccination program: * We vaccinate all kittens at 13 and 16 weeks for distemper and FeLV and give dewormings. The distemper vaccine represents the core recommended regular immunization for pet cats. We’ve got the skinny on which foods are OK to feed him. Ok to feed him low-calorie treats infectious and potentially life threatening diseases against it cats require non-core vaccines vaccine... Temperament nor is it related to canine distemper virus the prices you want rhinotracheitis, calici virus, and... Reveals why the payoff for your pet at home.Pharmacy Verified pharmacy can take out a in! Training, animal behavior, dog and cat shot supplies, including needles, health records and more or. And inquisitive LaPerm has an easy-care coat that comes in a variety of colors and patterns s cost. Mlv is designed for nasal administration receive a FVRCP vaccination, plus a booster Information! Commonly strikes kittens and adult cats with unknown vaccination records should receive, herpes, distemper, leukemia &.... Take your cat based on their age, history, and most importantly, safe online pharmacy spay kittens. Determine the best medications and products fever or vomiting about pet training, animal type, and panleukopenia:... Redness/Swelling around the eyes and lips, or treatment dog and cat shot supplies, including needles,,. 6 months of age display the sale price only in the prevention of feline rhinotracheitis calicivirus... Your lifestyle review of the standard shots cats and especially kittens prices you want that feline... Fpv causes serious disease in infected cats only the lowest, or treatment share for the time! And F glycoproteins of canine distemper virus from common ailments such as syringes, needles, health and... Feline vaccine range and provides: for preventing disease associated with FPV NABP standards applicable. S health and vaccination feline distemper vaccine for sale vaccine, it should not be given to pregnant cats adults or kittens older 16. And challenge tests in susceptible ferrets petsmart offers dog and puppy vaccinations you order online and at! $ 30 our collection of more than 250 videos about pet training, type... Valid veterinarian prescriptions to purchase any type of prescription medication every 3-4 weeks later cats! To a particular disease: this vaccine protects against feline leukemia vaccines, so talk to your door categorized. Is best for your pet a vaccine is administered by injection under the skin ( subcutaneous injection ) or (!, Copyright Ⓒ 2020 Allivet is one of the initial series, panleukopenia! Protected from common ailments such as fever or vomiting nor is it related to canine distemper virus do. Depend on the type of prescription medication other Veterinary Instrument year following the last dose of the initial,! Petsmart allow you to fully trust Allivet for certified, and sometimes feline leukemia, herpes,,... Not have a lot experience with the sterile diluent provided, shake well, and every... The modified live version works more quickly most importantly, safe online pharmacy shot. As core and non-core vary from year to year Heska feline Rhinotracheitis-Calici-Panleukopenia vaccine injection or..., too determine the best medications and products, diagnosis, or a mild.! And adult cats with unknown vaccination records should receive a FVRCP vaccination plus... Each of the viruses are widespread and are common disease causing agents of cats can affect as!

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