mary did you know lyrics pentatonix karaoke

Karaoke. We all know the story now. with the lyrics below to let you sing along with the voice of Pentatonix which was released on 2014.

'); Did you know That your baby boy has walked where angels trod? as made famous by gemius_pending('gemius_hit'); gemius_pending('gemius_event'); gemius_pending('pp_gemius_hit'); gemius_pending('pp_gemius_event'); Songwriter : Mark Alan Lowry, License courtesy of : Universal Music Publishing UK, This title is a cover of Mary, Did You Know? //--> Ooo Ooo Ooo The blind will see. Hallelujah Pentatonix. Mary did you know that your baby boy Will give sight to a blind man Mary did you know that your baby boy Will calm the storm with his hands Did you know that your baby boy Has walked where angles trod When you … By r o b b y 4 0 55 In the Style Of Pentatonix 25 Views 48 Comments 5 + Audio Recorded on Nov 27 at 8:29pm "Mary, Did You Know?" [CDATA[//>

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