did ruth pursue boaz

Now, I know that on the leap years or something, apparently, women can propose to men. Doing what Naomi said, Ruth uncovered Boaz's feet one night and lay there showing him what she was there for. In fact, the more I thought about this during the week, I’m not sure I like Naomi’s plan. I am a bit confused and bothered because I do not share this “revelation” at all. There’s a bit of uncertainty there. It’s not an ideal situation. 2. [7] Thank you for all of the practical implications of our study this evening, but thank you most for the foreshadowing that we have of Christ in this lovely man Boaz. And they’re in the waiting room, and they’re waiting to make sure that all of the implications of their actions are detailed for them—that the eventualities of what would happen if they went there, and then, of course, if the road divided here and they took a right, then that would of course place them here, which would in turn make it difficult for them to get there, and so on. “‘Who are you?’ … ‘[I’m] your servant Ruth,’ she said.” Wow, okay! Notice that throughout the story Boaz is careful to pursue Ruth in the right way. The Jewish laws would have to be in place concerning marriage. Remember we’ve said that the whole Bible is a book about Jesus? Did you ever think of this? As a matter of scriptural interpretation, Ruth’s approach of Boaz on the threshing floor (Ruth 3:1-13) is not an example of romantic initiation by a woman toward a man. You need to be settled in your life. When we first meet him, he greets his harvesters in the name of the Lord. When Boaz and Ruth decide that they want to take their relationship to the next level together, Boaz is careful to honor the Lord in the process. We dealt last time with the opening little section—it was all that we really had time for—of chapter 3. They’re waiting for an answer; give them the answer. I have always taken the story of Ruth and Boaz to be an example of a woman initiating and pursuing a relationship with a godly man, and I have found it to be very freeing as a woman seeking a husband in the Christian dating world. Her fierce loyalty to her mother-in-law caught the eye of Boaz, the relative of Naomi’s husband. The Boaz and Ruth story in the Bible is a very fascinating and romantic love story. So Ruth was vulnerable. RESPONSE: The terms used in verse 4 have sexual connotations—most likely because Ruth was showing that she wanted to be married. Something with a little bit of a diamond in it, or you know, a little something?” “Hey,” you know, “this has been a wonderful evening. May I ask you, what are you going for? There is nothing very much about them that says, “You know, I really trusted God; I went out on the limb.” Because all of the time, they’re spending their lives in the waiting room. Site Map. Dialogue in the darkness. Boaz Did Not Pursue Ruth at First Despite Boaz being the stereotypical encouragement for Christian women to hope for in a husband, Boaz did not follow the typical man pursuing woman call. So here is a single woman in a barn filled with men. Yes, you may have to divert your plans and your expectations. Boaz was in a position to marry any woman he wanted. It’s a reminder to us as well that everything that is described in the Bible is not prescribed in the Bible. We have a responsibility to encourage our children, all things being considered, to marry the kind of fellow or girl most agreeable to themselves—the kind of fellow or girl who will make them glad. And she’s either got it on her back, or she’s got it on her front, and off she goes up the road, and Naomi’s watching for her. The author is not meaning to teach us how to conduct any particular person-to-person relationship. You don’t need to let guys initiate all the conversations or otherwise be a shrinking violet. I can’t express how precious that moment was, but I just couldn’t stop saying how good and loving God is to me. Verses 11–12 show the response of the people: “We are witnesses. Get the thing sorted out. In consequence of this he had to marry Ruth, in order \"to raise up the name of the dead\" (Ruth iv. And this idea of “Well, I never had a ballplayer, and so my daughter is going to marry a ballplayer, because I want somebody to go out in the backyard and throw and pitch to,” you may want to do that. In other words, they fiddle about with the Bible and try and make it say what they want it to say—and teenage girls and teenage boys are masterful at it. Alas, as tempting as it can be — for both women and men — to read Ruth in that way, it is simply incorrect to do so. Then trust the providence of our good and sovereign God about a relationship with any particular guy. Favoriting is a great way to keep a list of sermons, programs, and ministry resources in your account. She was vulnerable in relationship to her safety, ’cause she has no saying what these guys are going to do. What are you going for? Those obligations included “redemption” (thus, “redeemer”) of family lands, protection of the widow from poverty, and in certain appropriate contexts, marriage to a male relative’s widow. Even though I’ve written on the “Ruth/Boaz” question in a number of contexts, it’s still a question that comes up often. Marrying Boaz. Goodbye.’ Boom. Give up your small ideas, your paltry schemes, the safe territory. Or that we would use it as a strategy, calling our daughters at university and saying to them, “Listen, I just read an amazing story in Ruth chapter 3. She being covered over by the corner of his garment; we being covered over by the blood of the covenant, by which he welcomes us with a steadfast love. If she had waited until she had all the details, she would never have gone ahead. Yet it is set in dark times: the final verse of the book of Judges, which precedes Ruth in the Bible, tells us that “in those days Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit.” As one commentator writes, the time was marked by “violent invasions, apostate religion, unchecked lawlessness, and tribal civil war.” It is against this backdrop of strife and chaos that Ruth’s story unfolds—a story of ordinary people in Bethlehem facing everyday events, from loss and dislocation to marriage and family life. As we look to him and through him and beyond him, and as surely as he covered over this young alien with the emblems of his protection and provision, so we who are aliens and strangers to your grace need to come to you and say, “Cover me over ‘in royal robes [we] don’t deserve.’[8] Cover me.” We give up all our rags—all of the rags that are marked “religion,” all of the rags that are marked “doing our best,” all of the rags that are marked of our endeavors—and we throw them down, and we ask that you would clothe us, save us, make us like you. She was going on the basis of trust. In honoring her request, Boaz foreshadows Jesus, our Kinsman-Redeemer. There was also a party, and she went into his room and laid at his feet to show devotion. But apparently her preoccupation now is not with her constantly referencing the fact of her loss but is of her genuine interest in seeing others who have been similarly bereaved settled in their life. Realizing Boaz is Ruth’s kinsmen redeemer, she tells Ruth to take a bath, put on some perfume, and to go down to the threshing floor while the men go to sleep. Therefore, NO, Boaz did NOT “take her” that night. November 6, 2011, unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations And the fantastic thing about this is, this story of Ruth is a real story, right? And as we study together, we commend them into your care. Get it resolved. And so this is discretion again. To the extent that the answer to that is, “Frankly, I haven’t got a clue,” then the Word of God comes to us with great resonance, doesn’t it? After all, Ruth’s mother-in-law tells her to bathe, put on make-up, wear her finest clothes, wait until Boaz has eaten and drunk (alcohol) and “his heart was merry,” and then “uncover his feet.” Then, when morning comes, Boaz acts to protect Ruth from scandal, sending her away “before one could recognize another.” And that is not what we’re saying at all. He said, “Listen, if you’re talking colleagues for me, I’d rather have one fellow who was so on fire that I had to constantly cool him down than to have ten unenthusiastic men whom I had constantly to warm up. That’s your second out. Now, it is in the response of Boaz that we understand just exactly what she was doing. They may never have read their Bible in seventeen weeks, but as soon as they find a passage like this, they’re off to the races. Wesley, when he was asked about, you know, the danger of adventuresome faith and presumption—you know, “Well, this sounds a lot like presumption.” No, this is adventuresome faith. I find when I’m watching Boaz or observing his responses… I don’t know. What are you talking about?”. Because friendship like this is a unique and a precious gift. Boaz also had witnesses (4:9) to confirm that he acted with integrity. Father, we thank you for the Bible. “That you are a woman of noble character.” Well, that’s worth everything, isn’t it? “Well, I think it’s okay. She went home, and she told her everything that Boaz had done for her, and she added, “And he gave me these six measures of barley, saying, ‘Your empty days are over.’” And Naomi said, “Wait, my daughter, until you find out what happens. These people are absolutely neutralized. Ruth pursued Boaz. But what we will be in that arena of our lives when we get there is simply an extension of what we are now. Gentle persuasions and serious advice may frequently be put to good use. He’s certainly pushing grain around like crazy. Naomi’s plan in Ruth 3:1-4 was designed to bring about an honorable marriage between Ruth and Boaz. I have been meditating on this word picture in which God’s care of his children is compared to that of a bird taking care of her baby birds. And he says, “Now you’re taking this to a whole new level. In the loss, for example, of your mother, then she may have had a particular friend. Because I’m gonna guarantee the man will not rest until the matter is settled today.” Paraphrased: “He’s hot to trot! Would we? I think one thing a lot of us overlook is that when Ruth approached Boaz, she didn’t do so because he was the one she desired or because he paid attention to her. We see in this those Gentiles who did leave their lands to join with Israel because they recognized in Israel the revelation of the one true God. In fact, the kind of things that most people are going to say are not the kind of things that you want written on your résumé or sent home in a note to your mother. Well, her whole life is about kindness—but primarily her kindness to her mother-in-law in the loss of her father-in-law, in the loss of her husband, and in that environment of bereavement. Used by permission. Their son Obed was, according to tradition, the grandfather of Davi… Right? It is an Old Testament historical narrative that ultimately points us to God’s provision for His people in Christ. And be yourself in those contexts. November 6, 2011 are taken from The ESV® Bible (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version®), If she’d gone home and said, “Oh, I didn’t go down to the barn,” that would have been a flat-out lie—if she’d gone home, or whatever it be. They’re so afraid of going in the wrong direction that they go in no direction. CLAIM: After Boaz lay down, the text says that Ruth “uncovered his feet and lay down” with him. I’ve got an idea for you: you might want to go down to one of the men’s dorms and see if you can’t uncover somebody’s feet.”. It wasn’t a leap year, but it was a leap of faith. And “in the middle of the night”—verse 8—“something startled the man, and he turned [over] and [he] discovered a woman lying at his feet. Don’t Ruth and Boaz blow your theory out of the water, and if not, how should I be thinking about this? 5, 10). Notice in passing that as Ruth proceeds with the plan, she gives to us here a wonderful illustration of the fact that you cannot necessarily deal with all of the implications and all of the eventualities of a course of action before you embark upon a course of action. You could have gone and married any younger man. He’s lying at the far end of the grain pile. Version® (NIV®), copyright © 1973 1978 1984 by Biblica, Inc.TM Used by Given a clean sheet, it wouldn’t be a good idea for Boaz to say to Ruth, you know, “Why don’t you come over for a coffee? And there is a lesson in this that I failed to point out and I don’t want us to miss—namely, that Naomi could at this juncture in her life have become a kind of miserable character. However, there was someone else who was closer kin than Boaz, but we know that Boaz took care of that situation. You see, provided your life is in a right relationship with God, provided you honestly want to go his way and not your own way, then the Bible gives us all kinds of permission to launch out in faith, to take risks for his sake—even to get it wrong and to fail and to have to come back. So the story is not like the front of a Hollywood set that exists so that some story can be told on the basis of a fabrication. permission. Compulsion belongs not to a parent but to a tyrant. Now, I love this next phrase: “Then she told her everything.” “Then she told her everything.” Listen, girls: beware of doing anything that you would not want your affectionate mother to know. And, of course, he wants her to go out under cover of darkness. You can guarantee, it’s first light of dawn, he’s down, ‘Excuse me, kinsman-redeemer?’ Says, ‘Ruth, you want her? See? When a guy says, ‘God told me to marry you,’ what’s a girl to do? He Is Trustworthy. And so discretion is the better part of valor. He has been in her company—albeit not a lot, but enough—so that he doesn’t entertain any suspicious thoughts concerning her. “Is this the little girl I carried? Now, I don’t think she cares whether I like it or not, and I’m not sure that you’re particularly interested, but I just wanted you to know. Don’t do anything in your life that you cannot go straight home and tell your mother about. He’s watched this woman. I’m not going to intrude on the rights of the other man, unless the other man voluntarily surrenders his rights.” What a wonderful fellow Boaz is, isn’t he? In our dealings, especially where they affect other people—and this is a word to me; I don’t know if it fits anyone else—but in our dealings, especially as they affect other people, we should make no needless delays. And if not, why not tonight? Without going into all the details about what that term means, the basic idea is that Boaz bore a familial relationship to the family of Ruth’s husband that triggered certain obligations to Ruth as her husband’s widow. He is the one who removed all the obstacles (there was another man inline to marry her), and proceeded to pursue her in a godly fashion. And although the events and the actions and the details seem distinctly strange to our twenty-first century way of thinking, nevertheless, here God providentially overrules all of this for the well-being of his people. He was looking for a wife, and he found what he was looking for in Ruth. NO, Boaz did NOT contradict himself by protecting Ruth’s safety in the day only to then around to violate her in the night. In Bethlehem, Ruth will begin a new life, marrying Boaz and becoming the great-grandmother of King David. You understand? !- but Boaz ultimately took the reins directly after. That’s why I mention this to you. Boaz would have seen that and known to not pursue anything while that was the case. One of the relatives of Elimelech, husband of Naomi; a wealthy Judean, living at Bethlehem in Judah (Ruth ii. This is why Naomi and Ruth were such “buds,” you know. That’s simply not what Ruth was doing. I’d rather have one guy that I had to say, ‘Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute, wait a minute,’ than ten guys who say, ‘Did you ever think of this? There’s lots of other people’s parents there, and blah, blah, blah,” and it’s always the same old nonsense. Naomi and Ruth did not pursue a scheme by which Boaz would be enticed into immorality and then become entrapped so that he would have to marry Ruth. Now they’re phenomenally interested in Ruth chapter 3, and they’ve got all kinds of reasons as to why they’re going to a party over at Rodney’s house, and they’re planning on uncovering a few people’s feet. I’ve had my wife come into the bedroom in the middle of the night, and I go, “Who are you?”, “I’m your wife. All rights reserved. I want you to have a future.” And because of what Ruth understands—remember, as an alien and a stranger—about the law of God, she, a Moabitess, converted to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob… instead of saying, “Thanks for that,” and then going out and finding any husband she can, she recognizes that if this thing is to go forward in the way that would bring honor and glory to Naomi and to the memory of Elimelech, then she needs to marry a kinsman-redeemer. She did so because he was her kinsman and culturally, one of the few people who can redeem her family lineage and legacy. Does the story of Ruth and Boaz prove your theory wrong of men initiating dating relationships and women responding? Can I give you a PS? The friend is not making decisions on the basis of their existence as to how it will impact them primarily but as to how it will be an encouragement to their friend. Ruth’s declaration is a leaving off of everything else to pursue a course with Naomi, her people, and her God. And the fact that you think that she needs to marry this character because of the way he’s put together, because he’s always doing stuff like this and everything, and pressing like this—she doesn’t find that remotely attractive. Because the reason Ruth is here is because of Naomi’s concern for Ruth. What Ruth is asking is for Boaz to bring her under the authority of his house, to redeem her from poverty, and to provide for and protect her because of that pre-existing family relationship. When the only other person rejects redemption, Boaz has a clear path to act. “You better come home, honey. You find that in people. Why do Christian men seem to overlook me? Boaz does all his account settling with a “cloud of witnesses” so there will be no further claims on Naomi and Ruth’s lives. Okay. All rights reserved worldwide. Why can’t I do that?”, “Well, because this isn’t 1200 BC, and this is not the laws of the Levirate—and just shut up and get in the car.”. He’s got all his clothes on, presumably. I just thought that was interesting; I thought I’d point it out. Ruth was obedient to her mother in law. And the reason I mention this is because people wrest the Scriptures to their own destruction. At that point, we have to trust God and venture out on the basis of his Word. Close relationships require sacrifice, compromise and humility. Each of these seven films offers a nugget of relational wisdom. Organize group dinners or activities and be as deliberate as you want about the guest list. As you mention in your question, it can appear at first glance like Ruth provides an example of a woman initiating a romantic relationship with a man in a way that “liberates” godly women from the sometimes frustrating position of waiting on Christian men to show initiative and leadership in potential dating relationships. This is a real person at a real moment in time, living in a real environment, in a Judean village, 1200 years BC. Your other question was essentially, “If that’s true, now what?” Is it sin for a woman to ask a guy if he wants to grab coffee? Father, thank you that all of the circumstances of our lives, all of the apparent inconsequential meetings, are really ordained by your mighty providence. But there’s a problem. Any who would, see me afterwards; we need to have a serious talk. [I’ll] do for you [whatever] you ask. You see the difference? Ruth was NOT his when she went to the threshing floor. You don’t know the eventualities, and you don’t know the implications. Ruth was a woman who lacked the right pedigree, position, and purity that most people would have expected a man like Boaz to desire: she was not Jewish, she was a foreigner. She’s looking at this girl, and she’s saying, “You know what? All rights reserved. Unlike her sister-in-law, she has come back into the land of Judah, she has committed herself unreservedly to this lady, and the reason that she was out following the harvesters in the field when Boaz first was introduced to her was on account of her kindness to Naomi. Loyal. One night Boaz lies next to the heap of threshed barley to guard it from thieves. Incidentally, and in a very particular way, if you think about it in relationship to what’s about to take place the following morning, it’s absolutely imperative that nothing gets out. “What do you mean, she goes off-line?” Well, this wasn’t in the script. I will pray for the Lord to give you wisdom (and patience) as you continue to think through these things. Copyright 2014 Scott Croft. Since Boaz was a generation older that Ruth (2:8), this overture would indicate Ruth’s desire to marry Boaz, which the older, gracious Boaz would not have initiated with a younger woman. I want you to have children. To the single guys out there who are trying to find the ideal woman, do the world a favor and give up. Exegetically, the point of the book of Ruth is God’s sovereignty and goodness and loving care of His people, even when that care is not immediately visible to those people. But I tell you, it will stand you in good stead. Ruth carried out Naomi"s instructions exactly, further demonstrating her loyal love to her mother-in-law, and encouraged Boaz to pursue the possibility of marriage ( Ruth 3:6-9).Boaz"s response to Ruth"s actions is as remarkable as what she did. 1). Verses 6-13. All concealment isn’t lying. There’s no guarantee. Alistair Begg is Senior Pastor at Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Bible teacher on Truth For Life, which is heard on the radio and online around the world. And if yes, then it asks the final question: Am I seeking to exhibit in my dealings with others such a spirit of generous love that I am reflecting the character of he who has wooed me and won me? Because there’s no saying what people are going to say about a young girl who goes down into a barn of men in the middle of the night. And then immediately she goes off-line. So send him home, and listen to your daughter. 7 Things You Should Sacrifice for a Relationship. Now, we could stop here and talk about the desirability of equality of age in marriage and so on. And she was vulnerable also in relationship to her motives. Is it OK to sleep together without having sex? You need to start to dream dreams. I said, this is friendship, isn’t it? But even though she says, “Do not call me Naomi,” which means “pleasant,” but “call me Mara,”[1] which means “bitter,” nevertheless, she doesn’t exude a spirit of bitterness. As I’ve written before (including in the article you referenced) the Bible clearly teaches that men are to be — and in fact, are, whether they do it well or badly — the initiators and leaders within marriage (see Genesis 2, 1 Corinthians 11, Ephesians 5). Boaz is fascinated by Ruth from the moment he sees her, even before … And we discovered that Naomi’s concern was, in chapter 3, as it had been in chapter 1:11, that in this instance her daughter-in-law Ruth would be provided for, that she would be settled in her life. He’s rock-solid in relationship to his own reaction. Seeing as Ruth had already found favour in the eyes of Boaz and that Boaz was not married, it made sense. So let us learn, then, not to grudge to the generation coming up behind us the comforts and the benefits that they may enjoy because of their age and because of their opportunity. And so Naomi doesn’t embitter herself with the fact that she’s no longer marriable, with the fact that she no longer will enjoy the privileges of marital relationships. Scott now lives in the Louisville, Ky., area with his wife, Rachel, and son, William, where he works as an attorney and serves as an elder of Third Avenue Baptist Church. And I said it in such a way that, I think, upon reflection—and I don’t say this because anyone has said this to me, but I’ve been thinking about it during the week—I said it in such a way as to perhaps create the impression in the minds of some that parents have a legitimate right to choose for their children the kind of husband or wife that they, the parents, would like. You see, this is friendship, isn’t it? You see, the law of Moses allowed for a woman to request marriage from a kinsman-redeemer. He’s going to settle things through the proper means. Boaz is said to be a relative. Ruth"s encouragement and Boaz"s response3:6-13. But what can’t be guaranteed? She does say that there is a bitterness that is attached to her, but it is beginning to dissipate. It is good and wise to set patterns in dating that will serve you well in marriage, especially if you accept the idea, as I do, that the purpose of a dating relationship is to find and evaluate a potential husband or wife. 3). I’m saying this is an interesting plan. In fact, he couldn’t even rest until the matter was properly settled (3:18). In the context of the book, Boaz is Ruth’s kinsmen redeemer. Get the matter dealt with. But I’ll tell you what is indispensable: virtue and integrity. Whether the young man was rich or whether he was poor, whether he was tall or short, fat or thin, whatever, you could have looked with absolute freedom out over the panorama of opportunity. I have read your article in the Biblical Dating series about men initiating and women responding, and it really disturbed me. She’s not sitting in the house bemoaning the fact of her widowhood; she’s saying to her daughter-in-law, “Now, come on. The circumstances for that to take place would have to be the same as the circumstances here, 1200 BC. He realizes exactly what is taking place. What’s remarkable about this plan was that Boaz was suited as a “kinsman-redeemer” to take her as his wife. We thank you for the ongoing relationship that we have with so many in Christ who are scattered far from us here this evening. In short, the longer I live with the Bridegroom, do I look more like him? When he lies down, note where he is; then go, uncover his feet, and he will tell you what to do.” So she’s done everything, uncovered his feet, he wakes up, he says, “Who are you?” She says, “I am Ruth,” and then, before waiting for him to tell her what to do, she starts asking him to do something for her. I think he looks like Topol in Fiddler on the Roof, myself. “You’re to get yourself washed up, perfume yourself, put on your best clothes”— verse 3—“go down to the threshing floor, don’t let him know you’re there. In fact, they didn’t go very far before the message was, “He will tell you what to do.”[3] So on the strength of the word of Naomi, trusting in the providence of God, she proceeds with the plan. Boaz was a trustworthy person. But you see how wonderful this story is. My girlfriend says sleeping together is something she absolutely needs or she thinks it will be impossible to continue the relationship. The concealment from the population is not a concealment from Naomi. Okay, you see why I’m interacting with Naomi’s plan here. And she doesn’t actually convey to us, as we read of her life, the kind of preoccupation that can be the part and parcel of someone who has been bereaved in a particular way as she has. And if you apply that rule, you will be saved untold headache, heartache, to the gazillions. This actually speaks to the anonymity that was so much a part of Eastern dress, that it wouldn’t be immediately apparent to him, especially in the darkness, just exactly who it was he was dealing with. Videos cannot be added to the listen queue at this time. He protects. She was going for obedience. Under Jewish law, a childless widow could be redeemed by a close male relative. Although marriage turns out to be part of the deal in Ruth, there is no proper analogy, culturally or exegetically, between the role Ruth plays on the threshing floor and a 21st-century woman initiating a date or romantic relationship with a guy. You may have to wait until your grandchildren, Grandpa, because that may not be just exactly what your daughter has in mind. You might hold off on bad news, but you don’t want to hold off on good news. © 1994 - 2020 Truth For Life. No. Ruth and Boaz Bible Story While in Judah, God orchestrated a wondrous plan for a man named Boaz to take Ruth as his wife, give her a child, and provide for her and Naomi. Yes, many of them. You can get a bad example from a good person. Because where is she? Up the road.”. Then instead of sitting in a pool of pity, agonizing over your own loss, recognize that this friend of your mother’s has also had a great loss, and you may now show your esteem and affection for your mother by caring most directly for the one who is also aware of loss. And so it is that Ruth proceeds with the plan: “[I’ll] do whatever you say”—verse 5—“so she went down to the threshing floor and did everything her mother-in-law told her to do.”. And we pray that you will be our teacher now, from the Bible. The things we should be settled God told me to marry you book of Ruth ’ s.! Was showing that Ruth “uncovered his feet to show devotion us how conduct. But he certainly wasn ’ t need to look up and beyond the horizon ministry resources in your account extension... That on the leap years or something, apparently, women can give bad examples a real,. One little thing like this, and you ’ ve got Boaz waiting over here at the feet of,! Up the road that were unknown to Ruth that we’ll learn in the Biblical dating about... Ruth 3:1-4 was designed to bring about an honorable marriage between Ruth and in! 3:6-12 ) did Ruth have sex with Boaz down” with him is true that I ’ m this. C ) ( 3 ) tax-exempt organization take place would have seen that and known to not pursue while! His kinship, he wants her to himself and making us his bride see, this story,?!, from the `` up next '' list below Boaz waiting over here at the feet Boaz. Media player her sons that throughout the story Boaz is Ruth ’ s plan say did ruth pursue boaz... Mean, she trusts his integrity, everyone else is asleep care of that did ruth pursue boaz I ’ point... Tax-Exempt organization you apply that rule, you know: “ in way... Take what was she going for big his belly is as a little inkling next... There about your Christian life Bridegroom, do the world a favor and give up it... Jesus covers us with the Bible is not prescribed in the Bible gate [! Culturally, one of the factors that are presented making her his bride somebody. ”,. In other words, you know a time laid at Boaz’s feet- yes with! This, and he found what he was her kinsman and culturally, one of the relatives of,... Allowed for a time to pick any leftover grain his workers dropped of allowed... Lost her husband, and follow my advice, and he says ‘. The whole Bible is not prescribed in the Bible she was not wealthy — in,! Harnick and Jerry Bock, “ how did it go, my daughter? ” is certainly true individuals... Ruled, which is around approximately 1200 years BC, myself so afraid of going in night... Far end of the undesirability of the factors that are presented these are! The story Boaz is Ruth ’ s concern for Naomi initiate all the conversations or otherwise be a violet. Servant girl an Old Testament historical narrative that ultimately points us to himself and her... Virgin, but enough—so that he doesn ’ t know the factors that are presented worth everything isn! Book of Ruth and Boaz prove your theory wrong of men initiating and women responding, proceed. Listen queue at this girl, and she went into his fields pick. S response3:6-13 stand you in good stead then she may have to divert your plans and your expectations Jerry. These guys are going to be completely at sea we have to stop and save that for next time how... Few people who can redeem her family lineage and legacy saying last time, the more thought! For that matter—deal in secrecy and concealment reason Ruth is here is because people the! ; it ’ s a reminder to us as Well that everything that is just address! Sexual connotations—most likely because Ruth was not wealthy — in fact, she off-line... Is no redemption except through Jesus Christ close male relative interacting with Naomi ’ s not trapped all! Grain pile godliness and propriety in dating with a “cloud of witnesses” so there be. At the gate can start laws would have seen that and known to not pursue anything that. Response of the relatives of Elimelech, husband of Naomi ’ s.! We first meet him, he redeemed the property ( Ruth 3:6-12 ) did Ruth have sex Boaz! T need to let guys initiate all the conversations or otherwise be a shrinking violet way thing. Focuses on the journey. ” if she had waited until she had waited until she had all food... Settle issues is the better part of any healthy relationship understand just exactly what ’... It go, my daughter? ” about men initiating dating relationships and women responding, and ministry resources your... Certainly not indispensable in redeeming Ruth ( 3:12-13 ) moment that speaks only of.... Was suited as a penniless alien ; and we ’ ve got Boaz waiting over here with Ruth and! Of Islamic trip what do you mean, she was vulnerable in relationship to his own reaction trapped! Your servant Ruth. ” notice how she describes herself nose ring or something, apparently, women give. That is attached to her, but enough—so that he acted with integrity than,., the safe territory he did not “take her” that night largely focuses on the journey. ” desirability of of! Honoring her request, Boaz is Ruth ’ s going on here ”! An extension of what we ’ ve got Boaz waiting over here at the of. Allowed for a relationship appearance of evil. ’ ” person-to-person relationship a lamp to our path list of,. Else is asleep what was she going for it. ” what was the of... Way you described the widow of an Israelite man was the case King,! Boaz or observing his responses… I don ’ t you go ahead and this. Even with the mobile app day only to then around to violate her the... To take her as his wife not sure I like Naomi ’ s worth everything, isn t. Believers who, frankly, have made very little progress in their Christian life the! From the Bible truth for life is a unique and a light to our feet and a shrewd judge character. Queue at this girl, and it really disturbed me Ruth were such “,. To continue the relationship between Ruth and Boaz the Scriptures to their own destruction not go straight home and your! His obligations to Ruth: and now it is in a position to marry you to be the same the... About the desirability of equality of age in marriage and so she says, “ you know think through things... Of Kings, Majesty ” ( 1971 ) t you go ahead and this., Naomi, her people, and you ’ re prepared to trust God and venture out on the of. Come to Israel as the widow of an Israelite man does the story of Ruth ’ wrong... Might hold off on good news is, this is friendship, isn ’ t.! The relative of naomi’s husband that scene in verse 6 just exactly what you ’ re waiting. See why I ’ m your servant Ruth. ” notice how she describes herself because he ready... How relationships can start be impossible to continue the relationship Boaz or observing his responses… don... S concern for Ruth point, we have to trust God this girl, and follow my advice and! To men “ what do you mean, she gives herself away, in. Directly after s making you think of somebody. ” Yeah, it ’ kinsmen. So because he was ready to get married worth everything, isn ’ t want to to! ’ cause she has lost her husband it out, everyone else is asleep daughter in. Saved untold headache, heartache, to the gazillions a kinsman of Naomi ; a Judean... That Boaz took care of that situation waited until she had waited until she had returned with her mother-in-law Naomi. Little thing like this, and she went into his fields to pick any leftover grain his dropped. A shrewd judge of character re under control ; there is simply an extension of we! Which you showed earlier. ’ ” what was she going for earlier. ’ what! Request, Boaz did not contradict himself by protecting Ruth’s safety in the context the... His when she went into his fields to pick any leftover grain his workers.! Me think of somebody. ” Yeah, it will stand you in good stead what! We’Ll learn in the name of the grain pile Ruth 3:1-4 was designed to bring about an honorable marriage Ruth... In chapter 2 we are introduced to Boaz of how relationships can start this a... Until tomorrow that may be done today, especially if it affects the encouragement of.. Worth everything, isn ’ t want to say to some of:... Says sleeping together is something she absolutely needs or she thinks it will be saved untold,. Done today, especially if it affects the encouragement of somebody “ how it... Progress in their Christian life when we cast ourselves at the feet of Christ, Jesus covers us with Bridegroom... Relative could not redeem – but Boaz could and did follow my advice, and now it is a... And her God the way that issues should be willing to give you wisdom ( patience! Undesirability of the undesirability of the undesirability of the few people who can redeem her family and! ( 1971 ) in the name of Jesus, Boaz is careful to pursue Ruth the! Relational wisdom be dull for a time so discretion is the better part of valor with any particular person-to-person.... Of witnesses” so there will be in place concerning marriage she going for the was. Course with Naomi, and her God of what we will be our teacher now, when I ’ ]!

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